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"Xcellent thing for multiplayer fans !!!"

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GameRanger is a wonderful service for anyone looking for games in games they may not have played online in awhile. It seems the AoE community moved over to here, as there are usually at least 20 Age of Empires 2 games going at one time. What’s more, is that the program actually works really, REALLY well. There’s no slow start, then an ad before you do anything, then maybe 2 people in the lobby of the game. You simply ($$$#1#$$$) a lobby, title the lobby, and you’re up and playing a game within 5 minutes. It’s simple, its not bogged down, and it just works. It’s exactly what a game matching service should be.

Let it also be known that new games are added nearly every week. So GameRanger is not just for older games. There are newer one’s on here as well, including FIFA 10.

A couple of side notes here though. One, I read up and found out GameRanger has been out for forever and a day for Mac’s, and now just came over to PC. So congrats to all you people who have enjoyed it before I found it.

  • ☺ Fast
  • ☺ Easy interface.
  • ☺ Free
  • ☻ No big latest titles supported.

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27 May 2012

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